Welcome to Fabric!

Hey! Welcome to Fabric, Alation's design system.

Fabric is a design system which empowers us to build great, consistent, beautiful, experiences for our customers at scale.

Let us preface this by saying that this guide is imperfect and incomplete. There may (will) be places this guide doesn’t cover. That’s fine. It’s a living document. If you see something that isn’t covered here, say something. We’ll hear you out, and document it going forward.

A quick note on the importance of Consistency

You may disagree with the some of the patterns we’ve decided on. And that’s fine. In fact, we encourage it. Let someone on the design team know, and we’ll talk about it. We promise to hear you out. However, just because one disagrees does not mean that we should deviate from the patterns listed here. In a User Interface, consistency is key. If we make a change in one place, no matter how seemingly small, we must make it everywhere. If we make a bunch of small changes here, there, and over yonder because we think of a new way to do something every time, then we don’t have a “better” interface, but rather one which ends up being quite disjointed. It’s death by a thousand cuts. So please, stick to the guide.

You've got the power!

You may (will) go through this and see parts of our User Interface that don’t adhere to this guide. That’s fine. If you see something, do something. Change it to match the guide. Consider this guide as the most up to date place for how to design an Alation interface. If you need any feedback on your implementation of the guide, please don’t be a stranger! Ask any designer, anytime. We seriously love helping you guys.

In Closing

The only way that we can ensure a great, consistent experience for our customers, is to work together to make sure that every interface, every flow, every experience works and looks as expected, every time. And the best way to do that is to build on this guide. To share the tribal knowledge that we all have in our heads. This guide is incomplete now, and quite frankly, never will be complete. But, if we come together and build on what we have now, we’ll have a more complete guide than yesterday.

Let’s build this thing together.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please let us know at: design@alation.com, #fabric on Slack, or come over and chat with us anytime. We’re listening.

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