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The primary content of Fabric is its reusable React interface components. Having reusable interface components enables simpler development change management when components are stylistically or functionally improved.

Fabric components are designed to be reusable in multiple products, in pages within a single product, and within other, more complex, Fabric components.

Nested Components

Some UI components may be complex, including multiple nested sub-components. These components can be thought of as molecules, and their smaller sub-components as atoms. Examples include collections, tables, and dropdown selectors.

This nested structure simplifies development of common, but complex components, and facilitates consistency across the sub-components that are reused in many distinct contexts scenarios (e.g. menus).

UIKit Library

UIKit is Fabric's generalized component library, with components that are functionally separable from Alation's unique infrastructure. It is the goal that UIKit code be open-sourced in the future.

Proprietary Libraries

For some UI component functionality it is necessary to communicate more closely with proprietary backend infrastructure. These components are inseparable their specific product ecosystem. Alation's proprietary component library is known as AlationKit.

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Oct 10, 2019