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Not all types of data and information are displayed in the same way in Fabric. Fabric groups information into three groups: data (raw data and code), metadata (logical & physical), and all other information.

Types of Data Resources


  • Raw Data
    Raw data are the contents of the underlying data assets. This includes content like the values within a data table or semi-structured data resource.
  • Code
    Code refers to assets such as SQL queries, scripts, and API resources. The distinction between raw data and code may sometimes be blurry.


  • Physical Metadata
    Physical metadata includes all of the information about an underlying data object that is stored in or derived from the data asset itself. This includes information such as file name, data type, creation date, etc.
  • Logical Metadata
    Logical metadata refers to the information resources about an underlying data object that are created and managed in a tool or file separate from the data object itself. This includes all custom fields, descriptions, flags, and other layers of information that Alation provides on top of raw data assets in the Catalog.

All Other Information

  • As Alation and Fabric grow to support more types of information, not everything fits neatly in the "data" and "metadata" groups. These may include information such as written Articles or Conversations that do not require direct reference to data objects, and thus may not neatly be classed as "metadata."

Styling Types of Data

Consult the table below for how to style different types of text data, and data in tables.


Data Type
Text Display Style
Raw Data
Code font
Code font; code snippet
Physical Metadata
Code font
Logical Metadata
Human font
All Other Information
Human Font


Most content in tables should be displayed using a Platform Table or Tree Table. However, if the table is displaying exclusively raw data (e.g. column profile, or query results) then a source table should be used.

Table Content
Table Type
Cell Style
Raw Data
Source Table
Code font only!
Platform Table / Tree Table
Other  Content
Platform Table / Tree Table
Platform Table / Tree Table

Common Confusions

Name vs. Title

Object pages in Alation often have two primary identifying labels: Name and Title.

  • Name is physical metadata value stored in the underlying data object, displayed in code font.
  • Title is a logical metadata value stored in Alation, displayed in human font.

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Sep 27, 2019