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Quilt, Alation's Icon Font

All Fabric components are built to use Quilt, Alation's icon font. Each icon is rendered by referencing a custom character by name in the icon font.

This means that individual icon asset file paths do not need to be maintained in the Fabric or Alation codebase. When a new icon is created, a new character is added directly to the Quilt font in the Quilt repository.

How can I get access?

If you're an Alation employee, then you can request access to the Quilt Github repository, that contains all of the relevant font files & assets.

Quilt is updated regularly, so remember to push from master often so that your local font files are up-to-date.

What is the best way to view all of the available icons?

Once you have access to the Quilt repository, the easiest way to view all available icons is by opening the Quilt HTML file in a web browser. Once opened, you can find icons by name and copy the characters.

How can I add or alter a Quilt icon?

If you need a new icon or need to alter an existing Quilt icon, reach out to a product designer and they can help get it done. Visual improvements to Quilt are owned by the design team.

Last Updated

Aug 10, 2020