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Types of Links & Actions

Not all actions and links should be displayed in the same way. They are shown differently in order to hint to the user what the result of clicking that action will be before they actually do so.

However, all types of links and actions can be displayed using clickable text. Consult the table below for how they should be displayed differently based upon the type of the action or link being rendered.

Type of Action
How to Display Action Text
1. Action
Actions may be triggered by any standard button component, depending on the context. When relevant, pair the button with a relevant icon. Use a text link (ghost button) here.
2. Internal Link — to content on the same page
Use a text link (ghost button) here. If the link points to a different tab on the same page, pair it with the Quilt icon "internal-link."
3. Internal Link — to a different page in the product
For text links of this type use the color `al-link`, and precede the text with the appropriate object type icon (when relevant).
4. External Link
When displaying links that lead to URLs outside of the Alation product suite, pair the link text or button with the Quilt icon "external-link."

Button Layout

In all action areas, the order and type of buttons follow these rules:

  • Only one primary button may be used in each action area.
  • The most important action is right-aligned within the action area, and proceed in importance from right to left.
    Exception: On page-level actions, this ordering may be reversed.
  • 'Cancel' or the most negative action is the left-most action within the action area.

Action Area Placement

As a general rule, action areas are placed on the right side of the section or block in which they are contained.

However, depending on the scenario, action areas may be in multiple different locations.

Page Action Areas

Actions at the page level are placed in the top-right of the page, to the right of the page header.

Section or Component Actions

Actions at the section or component level are placed in the top-right.

Modals or Wells

Actions in modals or wells are located in the bottom-right.

Inline Forms

Actions for inline forms or are left-aligned inline with the relevant content.

Last Updated

March 26, 2021