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The visual style of Alation is one of both professionalism and familiarity. At it's core, Alation connects people to data. As such, we should continually strive to straddle both worlds. Not too stuffy, not too casual, just right.

Aspirational Products & Brands

  • Warby Parker
  • J. Crew
  • Asana
  • macOS

Design Details & Philosophy

White Space

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to white space, it's suggested that you take full advantage of it to make your product feel welcoming for the audience you're trying to reach. We're not counting pixels here.

Target Persona

As a general rule, design for a business user with a technical bent. An exeception to this rule is when you are explicitly designing with a certain user in mind (i.e. Analyst), in that case design for that user. However, know that if you are doing this, the area should be significantly enough away from the core experience as not to confuse users. By that we mean, if you are designing for a specific user in the context of a larger area, take the larger area into account. Think about the user journey. How likely is it that someone who's not "supposed" to use a feature sees it? What's the impact on that to the broader adoption of an area? Does it make that user feel not welcome? Does that feeling of unwelcomeness spread to the rest of the area? Or is it isolated?

Corner Radius

All corner radii on Alation are 8px or 1 space unit.

Last Updated

April 8, 2021